Eggs and personalities! Which are you?

What do your eggs say about you? The British Egg Council quizzed more than 1000 adults across the UK on their personalities and how they like their eggs with some interesting results!

So how do you like your eggs, and what does it say about you? Let’s take a look: 


According to the research, more women than men eat boiled eggs and are either working or upper class. They can come from anywhere in the UK, but drastically fewer come from South East England. If you’re a fan of boiled eggs, you may be less careful than other people, meaning you are a little more impulsive than most and often miss small details in things and can be disorganised! Better make sure you don’t over-boil your eggs!


If you’re a fan of frying your egg, you are more likely to be a younger male and hailing from Scotland. Fried egg-eaters are likely to have older siblings and are more frequently found among the skilled working classes. They are also more creative, curious and open to new experiences with great imaginations. Interestingly, Fried-egg-eaters are also more likely to be able to recall their dreams!  


Those who like poached eggs are more likely to have two children and one older sibling. They aren’t as localised as other egg-eaters and can be found all over the UK, although they are more likely to be women.  People of the poached-persuasion are typically more extraverted, outgoing and sociable, with decorative, colourful clothing and a preference for upbeat and lively music.


Omelettes are a middle class favourite and are especially liked in Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool. Omelette fans tend to be well disciplined, organised and reliable – just as well since folding an omelette takes some care! Their homes are more likely to be tidy and they are less likely to get divorced.


You might think that scramblers would be more chaotic and disorganised, but are in fact more likely to be more guarded and less open with their feelings. Scrambling eggs is especially popular amongst those between 20-39 years old and scramblers are more likely to enjoy success in work and own their own home.