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Egg safety

The drastic reduction in salmonella in British Lion eggs has prompted the Food Standards Agency to update its advice on the consumption of lightly cooked and raw eggs by vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, babies and older people.

There are more details on British Lion eggs here.

In our Egg Safety section, you can find information on all aspects of egg safety, how to maintain the highest standards of food safety beyond purchase in our egg storage and handling section, as well as a comprehensive guide for mums on egg safety in pregnancy and weaning including advice on egg allergy.

Advice for mums and babies

Advice on eggs and safety for pregnant women, mums and babies.

Eggs and salmonella

Information about eggs, salmonella and how British Lion eggs are among the safest in the world.

Egg storage and handling

Information on the best way to store and handle eggs for optimum quality.

Egg allergy

Allergy information for children and adults.

Lion safety scheme

Full details of the British Lion Egg scheme and its success since launched in 1998.