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Eggs and babies

Eggs are a highly nutritious food that can make an important contribution to the diet of babies, helping them to achieve optimal intakes of vitamins and minerals. There is lots of advice and tips on feeding eggs to babies, including recipes for all ages, on our sister site eggrecipes.

Eggs and weaning

The Department of Health recommends starting to wean babies on to a solid diet from about six months of age. New foods should be introduced one at a time, in case your baby reacts adversely to a food.

Eggs should be introduced early on in weaning as they are a good source of protein and many different vitamins and minerals.

A small number of babies are allergic to eggs, although many will outgrow this allergy in later life. Emerging research has shown that mothers may actually limit the possibility of their baby having an egg allergy by eating eggs when they are pregnant, and giving them to babies when they are weaning them.  This early introduction of eggs provides the best chance of creating tolerance - when the immune system accepts the egg without reaction.

Start with a small amount and, if there is no reaction, larger amounts of eggs can be introduced. Delayed introduction may be counter-productive as it is thought that this may be more likely to be associated with subsequent development of allergies. 

See the allergy section for further information, or read more about the advice on eggs for mums and babies.

Read more about the emerging evidence that supports the early introduction of eggs in the Journal of Health Visiting.

Eggs and safety

The Food Standards Agency has recently reviewed its advice on egg safety, and is planning to advise that British Lion eggs can safely be eaten runny, even by pregnant women, babies and elderly people. You can view the current Food Standards Agency advice here.

This is further explained in our advice on eggs for mums and babies page.

Expert tips

Read a Q&A on feeding eggs to babies with Dr Carrie Ruxton.

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