Information for catering colleges

Egg handling guidelines_0.jpg

Use this 36-page lecture plan to inform your catering students on everything they’ll need to know about using eggs. Needless to say, they are certainly a staple ingredient, so knowing how to properly use them in the kitchen is important.

The plan includes information on the structure of an egg, egg quality and production, food safety, the Lion mark, salmonella, cooking properties, storage, health and nutrition. There is also information on writing recipes, current Food Standards Agency guidelines and links to further reading.

Our resource is designed for catering colleges and includes detailed information that will provide the basis for a lecture on important aspects of eggs for the caterer, including food safety and cooking methods. For a powerpoint copy please contact [email protected].

Visit our Foodservice Resources section for further print-out guides on egg safety, handling guides for caterers, and eggs & salmonella.