Egg codes and quality

Ever wanted to know what the codes printed on your egg mean? Take a look at the diagram below to find out exactly what the words and numbers represent.

Diagram showing the meaning of the codes and marks on eggs

All Class A eggs have to be marked with a code showing the type of farming system, country of origin and production unit. In addition, British Lion eggs have a best-before date on the shell and carry the Lion logo.

Egg quality

Under UK and European law there are two classes of egg quality: A & B.

Grade A

This is the highest grade. They are naturally clean, fresh eggs, internally perfect with shells intact and the air sac not exceeding 6mm in depth. The yolk must not move away from the centre of the egg on rotation. Grade A eggs are sold as shell eggs.

Grade B

These eggs are broken out and pasteurised.

Industrial eggs

These are for non-food use only and are used in products such as shampoo and soap.