Retailer information

Eggs for retail

Around 22 million Lion marked eggs are purchased from UK supermarkets every day and more than 80% of consumers recognise the British Lion mark as a symbol of food safety.

Eggs stamped with the British Lion mark are all produced under the wide-reaching Lion Code of Practice covering the entire supply chain from breeding stock through to delivery to the retailer or distribution depot. In order to maintain the highest standards of food quality and food safety for consumers, retailers are required to adhere to certain practices, regulations and guidelines. This includes safe storage of eggs and corrrect use of the British Lion mark which are both detailed in this retailer information section.

Advice for retailers on specifying and handling eggs

Information on handling and display of eggs in retail outlets as well as details of labelling requirements.

Egg marketing regulations

The Egg and Chick Regulations (2009) England (SI 2009/2163) and equivalent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, covers the production process through to the final sale, laying down stamping, labelling and permitted marketing of eggs.

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