Egg marketing regulations

The Egg and Chick Regulations (2009) England (SI 2009/2163) and equivalent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, covers the production process through to the final sale, laying down stamping, labelling and permitted marketing of eggs. The marketing legislation makes it mandatory for packs to show a “best before” date and printed instructions informing consumers to keep eggs refrigerated after purchase.

The EU regulatory provisions which apply to the marketing of eggs for consumption are contained in Council Regulation (EC) No. 1308/2013 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 589/2008. These regulations cover the quality and weight grading, marking, packaging, storage, transport and labelling for retail sale.

The Ungraded Eggs (Hygiene) Regulations 1990 banning the retail sale by egg producers of cracked eggs (ref SI 1990/1323).