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Baking with eggs

Eggs and baking

Eggs are a key ingredient for baking, so check out our top tips and great recipes

Martyn Nail from Claridge's hotel

Wake up to eggs

Eggs are a fantastic breakfast food - browse our recipes courtesy of top chef Martyn Nail.

A budget friendly egg recipe


Eggs are one of the most budget-friendly foods available. This site has a dozen delicious and inexpensive egg recipes.

Woman jogging

Eggs for Action

All about the benefits of eating eggs before and after exercising. 


Tony Hancock - Go to work on an egg

Go to work on an egg

Check out our site devoted to all things Go to Work on an Egg, including the ads starring Tony Hancock.

Young cooks

Learn the basics of cooking eggs and explore a series of simple recipes for children.


British Egg Week 2015

For British Egg Week 2015 (5-11 October) we created some delicious classic recipes with a twist.

Indian scotch eggs

British Egg Week 2018

Filling breakfasts, power snacks and on the go lunches so you can have a quick and easy meal to hand no matter how busy you are.

British Egg Week 2014

British Egg Week  2014 (6th – 12th October) was all about creating egg dishes that help to use up leftovers.

British Egg Week 2012

Recipes from The Take a Box of Eggs collection showcased the value, versatility and convenience of eggs.

British Egg Week 2011

Top chefs created a collection of cracking signature dishes to celebrate British Egg Week. 

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British Egg Week 2009

The Time for Eggs campaign promoted the nutritional benefits as well as versatility and meal appeal of eggs.