Eggs and weight loss


Are eggs good for weight loss?

Yes, eggs have a useful role to play in a healthy balanced diet for weight loss.

Eggs are relatively low in calories (there are 66 calories in a medium size egg) and are nutrient-dense, providing high quality protein as well as a range of vitamins and minerals. Find out more here.

Eggs can therefore be a valuable part of a reduced calorie diet, although it’s the total balance of the diet and a generally healthy lifestyle, including increased exercise levels, that is important if you want to lose or maintain your weight.

As with any food, the way you prepare and eat eggs has an impact on the overall effectiveness of your approach to weight loss.

If you simply boil or poach eggs you won’t add any extra calories. If you’re frying or scrambling, the amount of fat or oil you use to cook your eggs will have an effect on your food’s final calorific content. Eggs don’t absorb as much fat as many foods, but to minimise the amount of added fat, use spray oils or just wipe the pan with a tiny amount of oil and opt for a non-stick pan.

If you scramble eggs in the microwave, you can avoid extra fat – just add a little milk.

Try to eat your eggs along with other nutrient-rich foods, such as vegetables, salads and whole grains.

What do the slimming groups say about eggs?

All the major UK slimming and weight loss groups recommend eggs within their diet plans.

Slimming World

Eggs are one of Slimming World’s ‘Free Foods’ so you can eat as many as you like on its Food Optimising healthy eating plan. Slimming World says Free Foods like eggs are ‘filling and low in calories for their weight’.

Weight Watchers

Eggs have zero SmartPoints on the myWW (Weight Watchers) Blue and Purple plans. Weight Watchers says that ZeroPoint foods like eggs are ‘nutritional powerhouses’ which ‘form the basis of a healthy eating pattern’.

Scottish Slimmers

Scottish Slimmers recommends eggs as ‘an inexpensive and tasty way to boost your protein intake with only 70 calories per egg. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial in promoting heart health.’


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