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A range of information on eggs for retail and foodservice customers, EHOs and catering colleges.  Advice for caterers includes egg handling guidelines and a guide to specifying eggs.  Retailer information details advice on specifying and handling eggs as well as egg marketing regulations and guidelines on using the Lion mark. The Lion Egg Products section includes a guide to types of egg products available and lists Lion Egg Product suppliers. 

Advice for caterers on specifying and handling eggs

Meeting due diligence requirements and the importance of specifying British Lion eggs.

Information for EHOs

Egg hygiene information including the latest Food Standards Agency advice on eggs for vulnerable groups and a report from the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food highlighting the importance of using eggs produced to Lion standards.

Information for catering colleges

Our resource is designed for catering colleges and includes detailed information that will provide the basis for a lecture on important aspects of eggs for the caterer, including food safety and cooking methods. For a powerpoint copy please contact [email protected].

Foodservice resources

Resources for foodservice including downloadable safety, salmonella and lecture plan PDFs.

Retailer information

Advice for retailers on specifying and handling eggs, and details of Egg Marketing Regulations.

Egg marketing regulations

Specifying and handling eggs

Lion Egg Products

Information for food manufacturers, bakers and caterers on choosing Lion Egg Products, including a guide to egg products and details of Lion Egg Products suppliers.

Brands Choose Lion

Egg Product Guide

Egg Products News

Lion Egg Product Suppliers

Liquid egg now available for consumers

Why British Lion Egg Products?