Egg product guide

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Liquid whole egg

Liquid whole egg provides the same taste and nutrition as whole shell eggs, but are easier to transport and store on a large scale.
Boiled eggs

Hard boiled peeled eggs

Hard boiled peeled eggs are often within the ready to eat sandwich market, as well as other areas of food manufacture such as the creation of picnic and scotch eggs.

Liquid egg white

Liquid egg white is often used in baking and other foods such as custards, making it a staple ingredient within the food industry.
Egg production

Liquid egg yolk

The nutritional centre of eggs; the yolk also plays an important role in the production of many foods.

Egg mayonnaise

Egg Mayonnaise is used extensively in the ready-made sandwich industry and depending on the supplier comes in a range of recipes, including low fat versions.
Scrambled egg

Liquid egg blends

Liquid egg blends give food manufacturers the flexibility they need to produce a range of products that suit their individual needs.
Scrambled eggs

Pre-cooked scrambled eggs

Convenient and perfectly prepared, pre-cooked scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple, but can also be added as fillings and additions to other meals.

Other Information

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