Brands choose Lion egg products

Find out why top food companies choose British Lion egg products. 



Duncan Watson, buyer for restaurants in ASDA Stores, talks about the retailer's commitment to British Lion eggs.
Pork Farms

Pork Farms tuck into Lion eggs

Pork Farms, the market leader in the savoury pastry category, talk about being the first major retail brand to display the British Lion egg products mark on-pack.

Gü pledges allegiance to British Lion eggs

Premium dessert brand Gü Puds has signed up to British Lion egg products, as part of the company’s commitment to delivering uncompromising quality in every dessert that it produces.

100% British Lion

Wetherspoon's Food Development Manager explains why the pub chain is 100% British Lion.

Trusting the Lion

The British Lion mark is well-respected, says the Chairman of the National Association of Master Bakers.