Gü pledges allegiance to British Lion eggs

Premium dessert brand Gü Puds has signed up to British Lion egg products, as part of the company’s commitment to delivering uncompromising quality in every dessert that it produces.

With around 300,000 Gü Puds sold in the UK every week, and one estimated to be eaten somewhere in the world every two seconds, making sure all of them meet the rigorous standards Gü prides itself on is no mean feat, so being able to rely on the quality and consistency of British Lion eggs is vital.

With the quality and safety of food ingredients under public and media scrutiny more than ever before, many companies are waking up to the importance of quality sourcing for all ingredients; for Gü it’s the foundation that the brand has been built upon.

Mark Escolme, Managing Director for Gü Puds, explains: “We have an uncompromising approach to sourcing ingredients which demands that only the very best go into each and every Gü Pud.  Eggs are absolutely integral to our product range and Eggs appear in 20 of the 22 puds that we produce so it’s vital that the egg products that we use are produced to the very highest standards of food quality and safety, which is why we insist on using British Lion.

“The process starts on a small scale with our expert chefs in the development kitchen specifying the ingredients for new recipes and these are then replicated on a larger scale by the technical team in production trials. In full scale production we use a significant amount of pasteurised whole egg, egg white and egg yolk every single week.”

Elwyn Griffiths, British Egg Industry Council Deputy Chairman, said: “It’s great to see a company of Gü’s magnitude and global reach specifying British Lion egg products. With doubts continuing to surround the safety of some imported egg products, and consumers mistrust of foreign ingredients in general, the use of British Lion egg products is an easy way to ensure quality and the highest standards of food safety for any food product.”