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Why British Lion egg products?

Code of Practice for Lion egg products

Subscribers to the Code of Practice for thBritish Lion egg products are produced to stringent standardse Production of Lion Egg Products are the only organisations who have successfully completed an independent audit to be able to produce Lion egg products – details of Lion egg processors can be found here.

Only British Lion eggs can be used in the production of Lion egg products. The additional food safety benefits of the Lion provide the reassurance Lion processors need for:

  • Controls on feed, as this is often where contamination of egg products can occur
  • Controls on salmonella, to ensure that products that are heat treated rather than pasteurised are as safe as possible
  • Ensuring that the quality of eggs they use are produced to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene

In addition to the stringent standards of the British Lion shell egg Code of Practice, Lion Egg Products Processors must adhere to certain additional standards designed to ensure that the egg products they produce meet the highest standards of food safety.  These include:

  • Registration of Lion Egg Products processing premises
  • Controls over the collection, transportation and storage of eggs destined for processing
  • Strict rules on the quality of eggs accepted for Lion processing
  • Defined pasteurisation time and temperatures
  • Biosecurity and hygiene procedures additional to those which are legally required
  • An environmental policy covering the processing plant
  • Additional independent audits of each processing site on an annual basis, including unannounced audits

 The Code of Practice for the Production of Lion Quality Egg Products is the only recognised egg processing Code of Practice and adds further, stringent food safety and hygiene reassurance to ensure that the egg products you receive are produced to the highest standards of food safety.