Low carb recipe ideas: Pizza Omelette and Pastry-less Quiche!

Ah, pizza and quiche – we all love them both but it’s also no secret that they aren’t the healthiest things out there. Amongst other things (especially if they are shop-bought), they contain a high number of refined carbohydrates in the pizza base and the pastry around the quiche. Well, what if we told you that it was still possible to eat these foods, but without as many carbs? It’s true! Atomic Kitten member and MasterChef winner, Liz McClarnon has put together a few tasty ideas to get you started…

Pizza Omelette

Swap out the bready base of your pizza plans with some British Lion Eggs. Replacing the carb-heavy base with eggs not only reduces the carb-count but actually increases its nutritional value with essential protein and all the other things that make eggs so brilliant. This one’s a real winner with the kids, giving them the pizza that they love but brilliant nutrition too. Follow the video guide below to get started and then experiment with your own creations.

Forget The Pastry Quiche

Who doesn’t love a good quiche? There’s just something so satisfying about them and using eggs in place of the pastry can transform it from guilty pleasure to a guilt-free meal. The following recipe is really easy to follow, is super-quick and puts quiche back on the menu! As above, once you’ve mastered Liz’s recipe, why not try your own favourites.

So there are just a couple of ideas for low-carb foods that everyone loves. Want some more ideas? Well, you’re in luck as it just so happens that we have a whole section dedicated to low-calorie egg recipes – Hooray! Have a look and discover a whole bunch of new possibilities.