Summer salads

Now the sun has come out you’ll need something light and tasty to help you through July. This month we have three light and crisp salads perfect to offset the season.


Egg and Broccoli Pasta

Not just your average salad, this plate is packed with protein-rich eggs and broccoli florets. This simple and easy dish is energising during the summer when you’re craving something fresh, fun and vibrant.



Quinoa and Egg Salad with Broccoli & Seeds

Want to try an extraordinary salad? Well this recipe is the one for you! With quinoa, eggs, and broccoli, this salad is perfect as a side dish or as the shining star of the meal!



Protein Packed Salad

Looking for something refreshing that will leave you satisfied? With this protein packed salad, you’ll be counting the days until the next time you can make it.