Wrap it up! Speedy Lunches

Breakfast wrap

We all know how important a good hearty breakfast is to kick starting our day; unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of time on their side, so for those who need to grab and go a wrap is ideal! We’ve got five different – but all delicious – wraps which can be enjoyed at any given time of the day. Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple bite or something with a little more sense of luxury, you’re sure to find a wrap that rocks!

Breakfast wrap

We all know how important a good hearty breakfast is for kickstarting our day but unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of time on their side – this is why a wrap is ideal! Ditch the sugary morning cereals and instead opt for our quick and nutritious egg, ham and tomato tortilla! We use chopped boiled eggs, a splash of tomato ketchup and a handful of rocket leaves to help you blast off and seize the day.

Egg and avocado tortilla wraps

Our egg and avocado tortilla wrap is the lunchtime ‘on-the-go’ treat that no supermarket sandwich can rival. Aromatic coriander, fresh soured cream and smashed avocado work together to give you a refreshingly satisfying wrap that’s lifted with a dash of lime juice and of course, British Lion Eggs.  

Annabel Karmel’s scrambled egg and tomato salsa wrap

After a morning of being rushed off your feet there’s nothing like a good quality lunch to refuel and rekindle the spirits ready for the afternoon. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of your food - Annabel Karmel’s brilliant recipe proves that great-tasting speedy lunches can be achieved at any time. She adds a freshly made spicy salsa and to creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs and rolls it all up in a warm, flour tortilla. Yum!

Vietnamese prawn omelette wrap

In south-east Asia, foods like stir-fried noodles and chunky spring rolls are enjoyed as quick, convenient bites, so here is our own creation for you to enjoy. Think Juicy prawns, crunchy soya beans, beansprouts, shredded cabbage and toasted peanuts all wrapped in a fluffy omelette and layered with a classic Vietnamese aromatic chilli sauce!

Annabel Karmel’s egg wraps

Simple but effective, this is a recipe which can be whipped up in minutes but doesn’t economise on taste! Annabel Karmel uses freshly chopped chives to bring the creamy scrambled eggs to life, throwing in some juicy diced tomato and protein-packed ham for a tasty meal which any hungry soul would devour. Wrap it up in a fresh tortilla, cover in foil and pack in your bag for when lunchtime comes calling.