Curriculum links, Food preparation 7-11

Curriculum links for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Design & Technology – KS2 – Cooking and nutrition

prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques


Design and Technology – KS2 – Food

Plan and carry out a broad range of practical food preparation tasks safely and hygienically
Apply current healthy eating messages and consider nutritional needs when undertaking food preparation tasks
Classify food by commodity/group and understand the characteristics of a broad range of ingredients, including their nutritional, functional and sensory properties, e.g. meat, fish, fruit, vegetables 


Technologies – Second – Food and Textiles

When preparing and cooking a variety of foods, I am becoming aware of the journeys which foods make from source to consumer, their seasonality, their local availability and their sustainability
Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to meet design challenges with a food or textile focus.

Northern Ireland:

PD&MU – KS2 – Health, Growth and Change

Understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, healthy eating, rest and hygiene.