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Eggs and muscle growth

Muscle growth is a normal part of any fitness routine and isn’t just meant for bodybuilders and professional athletes. Whenever we do any form of exercise we gain muscle (how much depends the intensity and frequency of exercise) which contribute to overall better wellbeing and weight management.

The more muscle mass your body has the more calories you burn, even when resting, however to build muscle mass efficiently the correct nutrients must be consumed – this is where the introduction of nutrient-dense foods such as eggs to your diet can have huge benefits.

What happens when we strength-train

When we take part in strength training we are breaking down our muscle fibres so they can regrow both bigger and stronger. Although this process of regrowth will occur naturally, the degree to which it can happen is dependent on us consuming the right foods afterwards, particularly protein. Other hormones such as insulin help to enhance the transport of nutrients to the muscles under stress which also aid their breakdown.

The rebuilding process

One of the main substances muscles need to repair and grow is protein, which is why eggs are an ideal choice for post-workout nutrition. Egg protein contains all nine essential amino acids.

Making the most of your training

Whether you’re trying to build bigger and stronger muscles or are generally aiming to become more toned, your workout can be seriously inhibited by not considering your recovery. Making sure you have adequate rest is vital for both preventing injury and allowing your muscles enough time to rebuild. For post-workout recovery, protein (along with carbohydrate-rich foods and appropriate fluids) is essential and eggs can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs for your muscle fibres to rebuild effectively.

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