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Based in Somerset and with a history of over 100 years in the egg industry, Framptons is one of the largest family run suppliers of innovative egg products in the United Kingdom.

Whilst continuing to supply basic egg products to the major food manufacturers in the UK, Framptons has concentrated in recent years on the development of cost effective, functional, egg-based blends designed to provide customers with labour savings, consistent and microbiological assured complete recipes.

Over the last 20 years Framptons has been the first egg processor in the UK to introduce frozen and chilled Extended Shelf Life liquid egg products, in 1kg ready-to-use gable top cartons, to the retail and foodservice industry. All are made in substantial quantities using British Lion eggs at the state of the art factory in Shepton Mallet.

More recently Framptons’ range of cooked omelettes, frozen and chilled scrambled egg products has given further cost saving opportunities for foodservice providers, whilst guaranteeing product safety, consistency and conformity.

Framptons holds EFSIS (BRC) accreditation grade 'A' and their in-house technical centre is CLAS accredited.

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