Kids and babies

Kids of all ages love eggs and you’ll find recipes here to help introduce your baby to solids, create meals to tempt toddlers and even get older kids cooking for themselves!  And with every egg containing high quality protein and a host of vitamins and minerals, you know they’re also getting one of the most nutritious foods around.

Weaning recipe

Weaning recipes

Eggs are an ideal food when introducing solids to your baby’s diet - they are easy to eat and swallow.
recipe for babies

Recipes for babies

Eggs are a fantastic choice for babies; packed with high quality protein and important vitamins.
Recipe for toddlers

Recipes for toddlers

Our egg recipes for toddlers are a hassle-free way to help them get the nutrition they need.

Children cooking

Recipes for kids

We’ve got tons of delicious recipes that kids will love to eat and some for them to cook themselves.

How to introduce eggs to babies

When to introduce eggs to babies

How and when to introduce eggs to babies

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