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Download our range of PDF leaflets featuring recipes and information. If you are a health professional or teacher, please contact us to order copies



Runny eggs safe for all (4pp leaflet, A5) has information about new egg safety advice for mums, babies and elderly people.

The Good Egg

The Good Egg (6pp leaflet, DL) outlines key facts about the health and nutrition benefits of eggs, and dispels myths about cholesterol for patients and health professionals.  Produced in 2013 - now out of print.


Eggs for Action leaflet


Eggs for Action  (8pp booklet, A5) contains recipes and information ideal for sport and fitness. 





#EggCentric (8pp recipe booklet, A4) contains inspirational egg recipes



Eggs and Salmonella (8pp leaflet, A5) outlines information about salmonella, ideal for EHOs.



Eggs Factor (6pp leaflet, A5) has lots of information and recipes ideal for young cooks and school children.