All about eggs

The Eggs Factor project

The Eggs Factor is a self-contained project designed to support pupils in planning healthy, egg-based recipes, while also developing their awareness of nutrition. Although primarily designed for pupils aged seven to eleven, the resources are flexible enough to be used with older students. Pupils will learn about basic food types and preparation, and the importance of hygiene and safety when working with food.

The Eggs Factor is particularly suitable for schools taking part in the Healthy Schools Initiative.


Lesson 1 – Introduction

Pupils are introduced to the basics of cooking, the nutritional benefits of eggs and encouraged to start thinking about the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. 

Lesson 2 - Eggs are easy

A hands-on introductory cooking lesson to show pupils how easy cooking with eggs can be. The lesson focuses on the importance of food hygiene while cooking and preparing food, as well as the health benefits of eggs.

Lesson 3 - Cooking for who?

Pupils begin to design a special egg-based recipe and develop ideas about who it is for.

Lesson 4 - Writing and testing the recipe

A literacy session to explore the features of instructional texts and to help pupils write their own recipes.

Pupils will be encouraged to test their own recipe at home. Enough time should be allowed for parents to buy ingredients and help their child test out their recipe before moving onto the next lesson.

Lesson 5 - Evaluation

An evaluation of what has been learned and suggestions for further extension activities.