Eggs around the world worksheet answers

Worksheet 1 answers:

Iran - Families paint eggs and each place one painted egg in a bowl to celebrate their New Year at the Spring Equinox.

Germany - Eggs and hares were used in spring celebrations thousands of years ago.

UK - Eggs are used up making pancakes before Lent begins.

Russia - Eggs are not eaten during Lent but red coloured eggs are given at Easter.

West Africa - Many tribes have stories about the World beginning from an egg.

China - A party is held to celebrate the birth of a baby and eggs are given to guests by the new parents.

Israel - Boiled eggs are eaten at Passover to remember that Jews hold on to their faith in difficult times.

India - Hindus believe that the Universe came from a golden egg planted by Brahma.

USA - The Easter bunny leaves Easter baskets and eggs.

Note: As this lesson is looking at different beliefs and cultures around the world, be careful not to allow pupils to make judgements about different religions and people's beliefs.