Healthy eating

Healthy breakfast animation

Watch this fun animation about healthy breakfasts.

  • Show pupils the Healthy breakfast animation and invite discussion.
  • Bring in some real examples of healthy breakfast foods (e.g. fruit, vegetables, eggs, porridge, wholemeal bread and whole wheat breakfast cereal). You could hide a food item in a bag and invite pupils to put their hands in, feeling and describing the item to help the class guess what it might be - remember to check for any food allergies first!
  • Play the game ‘Omelette’ (this is an alternative version to ‘Fruit Salad’).
    • Ask pupils to sit on chairs in a circle and allocate each pupil a healthy omelette ingredient: mushroom, egg, tomato or milk.
    • When you call out an item, all those allocated to that item must move to a different chair within the circle.
    • When you call out ‘Omelette’, everyone must change seats!
    • After each go, remove one chair and the pupil who fails to get a seat is out of the game.