Healthy eating

Healthy diet choices worksheet

  • Ask pupils to recall some of the foods that are considered healthy and those that are less healthy.
  • Tell pupils that the foods we eat can be put into different groups and that there are five main groups. Explain that special doctors who know a lot about helping people stay healthy have suggested how much of each of the food groups to eat.
  • Show pupils the interactive activity ‘Do you eat healthily?’ which shows how the different food groups contribute to a balanced diet. Talk about the kinds of foods that should be eaten a lot and those that should be eaten in moderation. 
  • Give each pupil a copy of the Healthy Diet Choices worksheet and explain that they should write and/or draw at least one food in each of the different areas. There are some suggestions of foods they could include but they might like to think of their own ideas.
  • After pupils have completed the tasks, you might like a few to show and comment on the foods they have included in the different boxes.
  • To conclude, talk about the different people or places that could help pupils find out more about eating well (e.g. parents, teachers, doctors, books, websites, local sports clubs).