Teacher resources and activities

Teaching kids about good food and nutrition is a great way to help them live healthy and happy lives - we have put together some great resources that teachers can use to engage, entertain and encourage children to understand more about their diets. Our Cracking Eggs section has fun and interesting teaching resources on healthy eating, as well as facts and information about eggs for 5 - 11 year olds.

Cooking with eggs

Resources to help students learn the different ways eggs can be eaten and how to cook delicious egg recipes from around the world. 

This section also includes the Eggs Factor – a self-contained project combining a series of lesson plans for an engaging classroom activity to help pupils learn about basic food types and preparation, and the importance of hygiene and safety when working with food. Schools taking part in the Healthy Schools Initiative will find these resources particularly helpful.

There is also a section on how eggs are used covering their important role in food preparation due to their three inherent properties - coagulation, aeration (foaming) and emulsification – with examples of the ways in which eggs contribute to the structure and texture of many well-known dishes. 

Healthy eating

This section gives students a scientific understanding of food properties and proper functioning of the human body, covering keeping a balanced diet, exploring different food groups, making healthy choices, food for different functions of the body and understanding how the human body digests food.

All about eggs

Information about eggs in our culture as well as around the world, including investigating the inside of an egg, understanding which animals lay eggs, information on health and safety, and religious and cultural celebrations around the world.

Kids’ zone

A range of games on everything from human anatomy to the importance of a healthy balanced diet.