Scrambled egg cooking tips

If you’re scrambling for the perfect result, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some top tips to make sure your next creation is fluffy, delicious and just how you want it.

Should you add milk?

One of the great questions when it comes to scrambles is whether or not to add milk or cream to the mix before whisking. At the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference and whether you want them extra creamy or not, and whether you want to add the extra calories. One bonus is that adding some cream or milk will make it less likely that you overcook them. Just make sure that you don’t put too much in, otherwise the yolk and white will end up separating along with the liquids, which will leave a somewhat watery result.

Whisking for fluffiness

Scrambled eggs

When you give your eggs a really good whisk using a fork or whisker, you’re trapping air into the mixture which will result in a light, fluffy treat. Make sure you are doing the whisking in a large bowl so you have room to work with, using a circular motion that pulls them close to the surface and really gets them moving. By using a tilted motion you have a better chance of trapping air into the mixture for that perfect result – once everything is evenly coloured, then you can stop!

Heat and timing

Broadly, there are two different ways you can cook your scramble in a pan – low and slow, or hot and fast; it all depends on how you like them! If you cook them for longer on a low heat you’ll end up with a finer texture with smaller pieces, but if you go in there with a high heat you will get larger, denser pieces. If you’re not sure which one you prefer, try both and see! One thing to bear in mind is that once you take the eggs off the heat they will still continue to cook and set, so make sure you take them off a few moments before you think they are ready

Can you scramble eggs in the microwave?

Yep! If you don’t have a hob or aren’t keen on washing up a pan, you can still create tasty scrambled eggs in the microwave for an extra quick and convenient meal that’s lower in calories as you don’t need to use any oil. For more information on how to do just that, click here to get the lowdown.