Scrambled egg nutrition

Scrambled eggs and salmon

The way you prepare scrambled eggs will affect the nutritional composition of the dish. For instance, whether you use butter or oil (and the type of oil) as well as the addition of milk or cream.

If you are using a traditional pan, as a healthier option, you could choose oils such as rapeseed or olive oil, which are rich in monounsaturated fats and are low in saturated fat, instead of butter. Alternatively, to help reduce the amount of saturated fat and calories you could try using a non-stick pan and a quick spray of oil, or microwave your eggs using just a little milk.

Using the microwave method, which is really quick and easy, typically two large eggs scrambled with 2 tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk and a little salt and pepper would provide around 170 calories.

Typical nutritional values per large egg:

  • Energy 170kcals

  • Protein 16.1g 

  • Total fat 11.3g 

  • Sat fat 3.3g 

  • Salt 0.9g

If you are using the pan method, then two large eggs scrambled with a small knob of melted butter and 2 tbsp semi-skimmed milk would contain between about 200 and 245 calories, depending on the amount of butter added. 

Typical nutritional values per large egg:

  • Energy 207kcals

  • Protein 16.1g

  • Total fat 15.4g

  • Sat fat 6g

  • Salt 1g

If you use medium rather than large eggs, calories and other nutritional values will be slightly lower.