Weight of egg white

Egg white weights, supplied by an official source of egg information, the British Egg Information Service (BEIS).

These are estimates for the average weight of the white inside different size eggs, excluding the weight of the shell. As eggs are a natural product, the precise weight of the white will vary slightly from egg to egg.

Egg Size White - Percentage White - Weight (g)
Small (48g) 59.4% 28.5g
Medium (58g) 60.8% 35.3g
Large (68g) 61.7% 42g
Very Large (78g) 63.3% 49.4g

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Why you can trust this information

This information is brought to you by the British Egg Information Service (BEIS), which is administered by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC). Alongside recipe inspiration, the Service educates consumers on the benefits of eating eggs, working with a panel of nutritionists to provide answers to all of your egg-related questions. This information has been checked by an independent Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian.