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Diet and fitness

As one of the most nutritious foods money can buy, eggs are a natural source of many essential nutrients, including protein and many vitamins and minerals which make them a great part of any healthy diet and a great post-exercise meal.

To find out more about how eggs fit into everyday diets and the part they can play in healthy balanced slimming diets and fitness regimes, please visit the areas below for further information.

Eggs and fitness

As they contain high quality natural protein and many other essential vitamins and minerals, eggs are an ideal dietary component when eating for exercise. Find out more about the part they play in fitness here.

Workout nutrition

What we eat before and after we exercise can play a part in the overall effectiveness of a workout. We take a look at how eggs fit in this and how they compare to other foods in fats, carbs, calories and all-important protein.

Eggs and muscle growth

Find out more about muscle growth following exercise and what part eggs can play in their development and recovery.

Are eggs good for you?

We answer the popular question with a resounding yes! Find out more about exactly why eggs are good for you, and what the misconceptions are about cholesterol levels and food safety.

Eggs and balanced diet

Find out more about what makes a balanced diet with the government’s Eatwell Plate and find out how eggs fit into a healthy and varied diet.

Eggs and weight loss

Learn more about the relationship between eggs and weight loss, including consumption recommendations and details on calories, protein and what the slimming organisations have to say.

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