Healthy eating

Make a go to school on an egg advert



Learning objectives:

  • To understand the importance of eggs in a healthy, balanced diet
  • To understand the features of a TV advertisement
  • To plan, script, film and evaluate a TV-style advertisement
  • Show pupils one or more of the series of ‘Go to work on an egg’ advertisements. Let pupils know that these adverts were screened back in 1965, and invite their comments.
    Discussion questions:
    • What messages about eggs are the ads getting across?
    • Eggs are healthy, cheap, and quick and easy to cook and a great breakfast food.
    • What persuasive techniques do they use?
    • You might like to mention that the man starring in the adverts is Tony Hancock, a famous British actor/comedian at the time
    • What did pupils like about the ads?
    • How would they improve them?
  • Tell pupils that they are going to be using their knowledge and imaginations to create their own TV ads to promote eggs as part of a healthy breakfast. To get them started show them the ‘Go to school on an egg’ video at the top of this page, which shows you the best bits of what other schools have made.  
  • Organise pupils into groups of four to six. Give the groups a copy of Egg advertisement plan, according to age/ability. Pupils can use the sheets to plan their adverts before beginning work on the script. They should consider the key messages they want to communicate and what persuasive techniques they will employ, the location they want to use (within the school), who will fulfil the different roles (e.g. actor/s, director, camera operator) etc.   
  • When pupils have developed their script, they should rehearse their ads and then film them (you might like to organise filming on a separate day).
  • You could ask more able pupils to edit the films, using simple software (there are many free video-editing programmes available online).



  • Show each of the groups’ films and talk about the different persuasive devices and filming techniques that were used.
  • Ask pupils to evaluate their own and others’ work in terms of what worked well (e.g. Did the ad get the key messages across clearly and effectively? Was the ad entertaining/memorable?) and what could be improved.
  • You might like to show pupils’ films as part of a ‘Healthy Eating’ assembly.


Use these Egg Advertisement Plans to produce a healthy eating film. There are versions for both 7-9s and 9-11s