Microwave cooking tips

Many people are far too quick to dismiss the microwave when it comes to cooking, but with a little know-how you can make some delicious meals in a tenth of the time! Eggs are super-easy to make in a microwave so feel free to use the following tips for fast and tasty food!

How to scramble eggs in the microwave

Eggs being placed in a microwave

Scrambled eggs are probably the most popular method of cooking eggs in the microwave due to how easy it really is! Simply crack your eggs into a microwavable bowl, stir in your seasoning, mix together and blitz in the microwave in no time at all. Regardless of your taste or preference, if you get the timings correct on a microwave you can enjoy a perfect scramble every time. Read for more detailed instructions.

Cooking an omelette in the microwave

It might sound difficult at first, but cooking an omelette in the microwave is no hassle at all. If you prefer to avoid using pans or don’t have access to a hob, then this is the page for you!

Poaching the perfect microwave egg

From the classic eggs benedict to the delicious North African brunch, shakshuka, poached eggs are the star in countless dishes the world over. For many, poaching is a culinary skill too far, but with the microwave at the ready to give cooks a helping hand there’s no reason why everyone can’t make their own delicious poached eggs with ease. Full instructions here!

Easy microwavable fried egg

The infamous British fry-up would not be complete without a fried egg. Whether you like it sunny-side up or cooked-through and crispy, it’s one of the easiest ways to cook an egg and always guaranteed to put a smile on any hungry face. Skip the pan and save a few fried calories by using the microwave, all you’ll need is one egg, a plate and a good appetite.

Simply give a wide shallow bowl a very light brush of vegetable oil and gently crack in your egg. Softly pierce the yolk with a fork so there is room for air to escape but its shape still remains intact. Place a piece of kitchen roll over the top (without this the egg will spit and likely pop) and microwave for 1 minute. Let the egg cool down for 30 seconds then serve.

Things to remember…

  • Do not microwave an egg in its shell! The expanding pressure will result in the egg exploding, leaving a long, messy cleaning operation!
  • As with cooking anything, the size of an ingredient will affect the cooking time. This is even more so when microwaving eggs; make sure to adjust cooking times slightly if you’re either using a small or extra-large egg.
  • The yolk is the part of the egg which contains fat and therefore will cook much quicker than the whites. Whilst omelettes and scrambles will cook more evenly, be sure to keep an extra eye on timings when poaching and frying in the microwave.
  • Eggs cook fast in the microwave, so make sure you check things every 10 seconds or so to ensure nothing overcooks!