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How to flip an omelette

Omelette novices be warned: omelettes might be made from eggs, are round, flat and circular, but the reality is that this is no pancake game when it comes to the flipping. Knowing how to flip an omelette correctly is what can make or break the dish.

An omelette truly is the ultimate speedy dish, but far too many cooks are fearful of sticking the pan on because of previous mishaps when it comes to the flip. In reality, after a few attempts you’ll soon be a master flipper and will be more than capable of plating up a pristine golden omelette without a hitch.

Keeping in mind...

Flipping an omelette
  • Opt for a non-stick pan – If you’re using an old pan prone to sticking, then you’re going to run into troubles when it comes to flipping.
  • Oil and butter  are your friend – This is especially important if you don’t have a non-stick pan, but adding a little oil or butter to the pan before you add your mixture will go a long way in preventing your omelette from getting stuck when it comes to the crucial moment.
  • Beware of fillings – A classic plain omelette is delicious but sometimes toppings just make the dish that extra bit special. The more toppings you add to your omelette the harder it will be to flip, especially if they’re in chunky pieces. Try and keep toppings finely sliced and if you’re worried about it breaking then evenly spread most of the filling on one side of the omelette and flip the other side so nothing spills.

Flipping your omelette

Using a spatula - When your omelette is beginning to form and solidify take a spatula and move around the edges to lightly loosen and stop it from sticking to the pan. With one hand holding the pan, take the spatula and gently place it under one side of the omelette. If the omelette feels strong enough to be flipped, slowly edge it over the flat side so it forms a semi-circle. If you’ve got toppings it’s especially important to do this gently; the flip should be more a guide then a quick action so the omelette doesn’t break.

Using a plate - For dishes such as a frittata a plate will likely be needed due to its typically larger size and heavier weight. For this method lay out a plate which is bigger than the pan and gently slide the frittata cooked-side onto the plate and carefully invert the plate back onto the pan so the frittata is now cooking on the other side. Be careful when attempting this method and make sure that you have a good, steady grip of both the pan and plate at all times.