BEIC critical of imports

Mark Williams, British Egg Industry Council Chief Executive, has commented on the presence of imported eggs on supermarket shelves, and provided a supply update:

"Unlike British Lion eggs, the imported eggs on some supermarket shelves are not deemed safe enough to be approved by the Food Standards Agency to be eaten runny by vulnerable groups. Consumers deserve better than this, as do the British farmers who have invested millions in ensuring that British Lion eggs are the safest in the world.
"The British Egg Industry Council warned more than a year ago that unless retailers were prepared to help producers with the unprecedented costs of production they were facing, then production would be curtailed. This is exactly what has happened and now consumers are facing the consequences.  
"We are extremely proud of the high standards of the independently audited British Lion Code of Practice and we urge retailers who have chosen to stock imported eggs, to make it absolutely clear that the imported eggs need to be thoroughly cooked and cannot safely be eaten runny by young children, the elderly or during pregnancy. 
"Supply is slowly improving as the industry works through the multiple challenges that have dented confidence in producers’ ability to put British eggs on the shelf without losing money, and there should be no compromise in the high standards that British shoppers rightly take for granted."