BEIC statement on Fipronil

Approximately 180 farms, including egg farms, in the Netherlands have had restrictions imposed preventing them from moving eggs, manure and birds from their premises.

The farms concerned are believed to have used a product in the poultry house to treat red mite which contained Fipronil, which is banned for use around food-producing animals in the EU.

The Food Standards Agency has said that a very small number of eggs have been distributed to the UK from the affected farms but that investigations to date indicate that any affected products are no longer on shelves.

The Food Standards Agency says that there is no need for people to change the way they consume or cook eggs, or products containing eggs.

Consumers should always look for the British Lion mark on eggs to ensure that they are buying safe British eggs.

Food manufacturers and other businesses using processed egg should look for egg products produced within the British Lion Egg Products scheme.  This guarantees that they will have been produced using British Lion eggs.