Boiled and with soldiers: the best way to eat an egg, according to the nation

A new survey of British egg lovers reveals that the classic dippy with soldiers reigns supreme, with 30 percent of Britons voting it as the greatest way to eat an egg. 

This despite one in 10 of us admitting we have no idea how to boil one, according to the data. 

The fried egg came a close second (25 percent) followed by scrambled (17 percent) and poached (15 percent).  

And when it comes to how we like our yolks, runny was the clear winner, preferred by two thirds of Brits (65 percent) over a hard centre.

The study, by British Lion Eggs for British Egg Week, also found that how you like your eggs cooked may say more about you than you think.

Brits who prefer scrambled eggs are the most likely to be high-aiming go-getters, with 28 percent saying they are ambitious, compared to an overall average of 22 percent.

But if you prefer your eggs in an omelette, you’re likely to be a passionate and generous lover, with 21 percent claiming to be excellent between the sheets, compared to an overall average of 17 percent.

The survey also found that people who like their eggs poached tend to be magnanimous folk with 53 percent saying they are generous, compared to an overall average of 43 percent.

While the biggest egg-heads are hard-boiled egg lovers, being the most likely to say they are well read (37 percent compared to 32 percent overall).

And soft-boiled egg lovers are likely to be high-earners, with 6 percent bringing in more than £80k per year, compared to an overall average of 4 percent.

The survey also revealed the nation’s favourite egg-based dishes, with the classic Full English with fried eggs coming number one, with 36 percent of the vote.

The traditional quiche came second on the list (29 percent), followed by Scotch eggs (27 percent) and Spanish omelette (25 percent).

Andrew Joret of British Lion Eggs, who commissioned the study said ““Despite eggs playing a starring role in many different dishes, it seems that one of the simplest ways to enjoy them is still one of the best loved. Quick, easy and with minimum effort required, perhaps it’s not surprising that boiled egg and soldiers is still the nation’s favourite way to cook eggs.” 

The study also revealed that some egg cooking techniques may soon be consigned to the history books, with 38 percent of 16 to 29 year olds never having tried a souffle.

Yet half (50 percent) of this age group regularly eat ‘cloud eggs’ - the instagrammable breakfast trend involving whipped egg whites and a golden runny yolk.

The data found that the average Brit eats SIX eggs a week, with Stoke-on-Trent emerging as the egg loving capital of the UK, where residents enjoy EIGHT eggs every week. 

And 91 percent of the nation would always prefer to eat a British egg than an imported one. 

According to those surveyed, the perfect boiled egg is cooked in boiling water for exactly five minutes and ten seconds, with an overriding 77 percent saying you cannot enjoy a boiled egg without soldiers. 



1. Boiled: 31%
2. Fried: 27%
3. Scrambled: 18%
4. Poached: 16%
5. Omelette: 9%


1. Full English breakfast with fried eggs: 36%
2. Quiche: 29%
3. Scotch eggs: 27%
4. Spanish omelette: 25%
5. Egg mayo sandwich: 25%
6. Egg custard tarts: 25%
7. Full English with scrambled eggs: 23%
8. Full English with poached eggs: 18%
9. Frittata: 15%
10. Eggs Benedict: 15%