British Egg Industry Council Warns Consumers to Look for the Lion on eggs

The British Egg Industry Council has warned consumers to check eggs as well as egg boxes in the London area following reports that imported eggs are being packed into boxes from the Traditional Free Range Egg Company Ltd, a British business that went into administration last year.  The eggs, which are reported to be from Poland, cannot be Lion and should not be eaten runny or raw by vulnerable consumers, according to advice from the Food Standards Agency.

Mark Williams, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council, said: “We are advising consumers to look for the Lion on the eggs as well as the box.  These boxes were originally from a bone fide Lion egg packer, but unfortunately they went into administration some time ago and it appears that someone is now using the boxes to repack imported eggs.  At the moment, we believe that these eggs are only on sale in the London area, but we urge consumers across the country to be vigilant.  

“It is completely unacceptable to mislead people in this way and potentially put vulnerable consumers at risk.  We would ask everyone to look for ‘UK’ as well as the British Lion mark and a best before date on the egg shell to ensure that they are bone fide Lion eggs produced to Lion Quality standards.”