British egg producers repeat call for British eggs in food products

British egg producers and processors have repeated calls for retailers, food manufacturers and caterers to use British Lion eggs in prepared foods, following the identification of additional potentially contaminated products containing eggs from farms in the Netherlands.  

Ian Jones, Chairman of British Lion Egg Processors, said:  “Consumers are used to buying British Lion shell eggs and our research shows they also expect retailers, caterers and foods manufacturers to use high quality British eggs in food products.  They also want more transparency on food packaging - at present consumers are not able to make an informed purchasing decision.

“This is a great opportunity for food manufacturers, caterers and retailers to listen to their customers and reassure them by specifying the use of British eggs and using the British Lion eggs logo on packs.”

The implicated Dutch farms are believed to have used a product containing Fipronil to treat red mite in poultry houses.  Fipronil is banned for use around food-producing animals in the EU.

All major UK retailers stock British Lion shell eggs and tests have shown that there is no risk of contamination from British eggs. 

Most eggs imported into the UK are used by caterers, or are processed for food manufacturers and other businesses for use in products with eggs as an ingredient.