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British Eggs Go On "Lion"


Everything you wanted to know about eggs but were afraid to ask can now be found with the click of a mouse following the relaunch of British Lion eggs’ website,  

Visitors to the site have access to more than 200 egg recipes, step-by-step cooking videos, detailed information on the Lion mark and food safety and the latest news on eggs, nutrition and health - including an interview with Dr Hilary Jones dispelling the myths surrounding eggs and cholesterol. 

The new site also contains up-to-date research, statistics and information about the British egg industry, with a frequently asked questions page to answer common - and not so common – questions, including “Why are some egg shells brown and some white?” and “How can I tell if my egg is fresh?”

The new user-friendly design is based on a bespoke ‘hub’ format which links nine previously independent sites to one main menu, putting a plethora of egg-related information at your fingertips.