British free range eggs soon back on supermarket shelves

The compulsory housing order, which was in place across the UK to keep hens safe from bird flu, has been lifted by Government vets. 

The risk of bird flu has reduced sufficiently for all free range hens across the UK to be allowed back outside, which means British free range eggs will soon be back on supermarket shelves. 

Egg producers had already started gradually letting their free range birds roam outside again from 18 April, but are continuing to maintain high levels of biosecurity.

BEIC Chief Executive Mark Williams, said: “It is very good news that the housing order has been lifted. While the birds were housed, farmers worked hard to keep their hens happy and safe, providing them with various enrichments and enhancements. However, free range farmers like nothing more than seeing their birds out enjoying the range, so they were delighted that Government vets said it was once again safe for them to roam freely. 

“As the largest free range egg producer in Europe, the UK is very proud of its high standards and will maintain enhanced biosecurity levels, keeping birds protected from avian influenza, which is our priority.”