British Lion eggs blogger campaign

British Lion eggs have teamed up with leading blogger organisation BritMums to launch a search among Britain’s top bloggers to find a dozen #ShortCutEggsperts to act as ambassadors for cooking with eggs.

The twelve chosen experts will receive three recipe based challenges throughout the year and will also be encouraged, along with the rest of the BritMums community of bloggers, to create tasty, healthy egg-based meals and time-saving egg tips to share with their followers on an ongoing basis.

Eggs are high in nutrients and vitamins, ideal for cooking quick and convenient meals and minimise waste by using up leftovers. Using eggs with the Lion mark also guarantees the highest standards of food safety.

Andrew Joret, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said: “Bloggers are an incredibly influential group and eggs are the perfect ingredient for convenient and healthy family meals, so it’s a great match. Eggs are a staple part of the weekly meal repertoire for many families but we fully expect the campaign to provide new inspiration and encourage thousands of new consumers and their families to wake up to the benefits of eggs.”