British Lion Eggs develop 'Instagrammable' recipes for students

New research from British Lion eggs ahead of the new university academic year shows that 85% of students now cook from scratch, a startling shift from the microwave meals of past generations. However, cost is still as important as ever with 85% of students surveyed saying that it is a deciding factor when it comes to their meal selection.

Today’s students are more health-aware in their food choices according to the research. A pint and a burger may have been the mainstay for previous generations, but students now cite health as a key concern when choosing what to eat. Half of male students look for meals high in protein, whilst more than half of females said they had meat-free days or were vegetarian for health reasons.

The research also revealed that 37% of UK students look for ‘Instagrammability’ when they choose their food. With 800 million monthly active users , the rising popularity of Instagram is responsible for a growing trend for aesthetically pleasing meals, across all sectors of society, no matter what their budget.

It’s no surprise that eggs are a popular choice for students, based on the survey findings. Not only are eggs packed full of vitamins, minerals and protein, they are also very affordable and a favourite in the Instagram community with #yolkporn being used over 277,000 times this year.

British Lion eggs has developed six recipes for students that are all around £1 per serving, healthy and worthy of an upload to Instagram, including; Smashed egg pitta with slaw, Egg and veg pasta bake, Leftovers frittata, Veggie eggy curry, Bacon and avocado egg cups and Easy egg pizza. Head over to the Egg Recipes website to see them in full.