A cracking cure to beat your festive hangover

The festive season may be different this year, but regardless of how we celebrate, doubtless there will be a few dreaded hangovers the morning after. The good news is that one of the most effective cures is natural and delicious: eggs. Not only do they help fight the symptoms associated with a hangover, but they also help satisfy the munchies that come along with one.

Firstly, eggs contain the mighty cysteine, an amino acid which alleviates nausea, headache, and even stress and anxiety by breaking down acetaldehyde, one of the worst by-products of alcohol metabolism.

Eggs are packed with the nutritional goodness of vitamin D, vitamin B1, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc. Being protein-dense means they also help us feel fuller for longer, beating those hangover munchies that are usually fought off with unhealthy day-long snacking.

New research* shows that a fifth of people would choose scrambled eggs on toast as a good option for curing a hangover. In fact, 34% of those surveyed thought a less healthy meal that eggs feature in - a fry up - was the best hangover cure out there, that’s more than the 30% that thought headache pills were the best cure!

This year has seen egg sales soar by 30% during the first lockdown. As well as being a go-to food for those working from home looking for a quick meal, and for families wanting something fast, filling and easy – eggs will now be the star of the festive season too.

Nutritionist, Cat MacDonald says: “Eggs help the body to metabolise alcohol, shifting that hungover feeling so you can start to feel normal again.  Eggs are nutrient-dense and thanks to their special protein package, they will keep you feeling fuller for longer; having a couple of eggs for breakfast ‘the morning after’ will help prevent you from overindulging in hangover-hunger calories for the rest of the day.  There are few foods that will make you feel better like eggs, and they are so good for you.”

For those looking for a hangover remedy, British Lion eggs have three recipes to help you after some alcohol over-indulgence. Nutritionist, Cat MacDonald explains why they are nutritious as well as tasty:


  1. The Half English Breakfast - A healthier alternative to your big traditional fry-up (here)


“This is a great alternative to the ever-popular traditional fry-up; lighter on the stomach - in case you’re feeling a little queasy - and the B12 in the super-nutritious eggs will give you the energy boost you need to get through the day. The mushrooms in this dish are delicious and nutritious too.“   


  1. A Scandi-inspired one-pot breakfast - Full of good fats, with minimal washing-up (here)


“This Scandi option is tasty, on-trend and it is packed with nutrition.  For the ‘morning after the night before’ the eggs in this dish are perfect.  In particular, the cysteine in the eggs will help to break down acetaldehyde, which is a nasty by-product produced during alcohol metabolism.  With both smoked salmon and avocado in the dish you’re also getting plenty of good fats, especially Omega-3 from the salmon. The potassium from the avocado will also help you to replace that which is lost from the body through alcohol’s diuretic effect.”


  1. Lazy scrambled egg with veg – You only need to open the freezer and work a microwave with this combination of eggs, vegetables and wholemeal bread (here)


“A comforting bowl of scrambled eggs will always set you up for the day, with or without a hangover!  Adding the peas and cherry tomatoes will help you to beat your sweet cravings without reaching for something much less nutritious.  The eggs and toast will keep you fuller for longer. Plus, since you won’t be getting all your vitamin D from sunshine at this time of year, you can feel safe in the knowledge that by eating eggs, you are enjoying one of the few foods to be naturally rich in vitamin D.  A great start to the day.”


For more egg recipe inspiration, from the tasty basics to the more adventurous dishes, visit www.eggrecipes.co.uk.