Cracking lecture plan launched

British Lion eggs, in association with Westminster Kingsway College, has created and launched a lecture plan to help catering students learn everything they need to know about sourcing, cooking and serving eggs and egg products.

Eggs are a hot topic for foodservice operators who are seeing strong consumer demand for them to be included on menus throughout the day, as a result of their nutritional benefits, so it’s important that student caterers are given a comprehensive understanding of best practice at this early stage in their careers. The lecture plan is being distributed direct to catering lecturers and is available to download.

Developed in conjunction with Jose Souto, Senior Chef Lecturer in Culinary Arts, Westminster Kingsway College, the lecture plan is broken down into six key areas, covering what’s in an egg, egg quality and production, food safety and the British Lion Code, culinary properties, eggs and health, and simple dishes with eggs.

Jose said: “Eggs are an integral part of daily life for any caterer, whether you work at the local café or at Michelin star level, so it’s vitally important that we provide students with access to the right information so they can source, cook and serve eggs to the best of their ability. For the first time all of the information that catering students need to do just that is captured in one place.”