Diet like a celeb with eggs

New year heralds the annual drive towards a healthy new you and a boom for the diet industry, yet it’s the humble egg that is fast becoming the fashionable diet food of choice.

Eggs are the saviour of many a dieter, appearing in the recommended ingredient list for countless weight loss plans -  from being a life-saver on fasting days of the 5:2 diet, fitting the high protein spec of the Dukan diet, to being a favourite with Slimming World members due to their status as a ‘free food’. 

A-list celebrities with fab figures: Michelle Keegan, Caroline Flack and Millie Mackintosh; include eggs in their diet. Michelle is partial to omelettes, Caroline a fan of boiled egg and soldiers and Millie eats them in many ways including a mega protein breakfast of scrambled egg with smoked salmon.    

Nutritionist Cath MacDonald said: “It’s clear that celebrities are recognising the benefits of eggs – as a protein-packed food rich in vitamins and minerals eggs are a naturally healthy food.”

For further information please contact the British Egg Information Service on 020 7052 8899