Easter egg sales boom

British egg producers are predicting the biggest Easter for egg sales for more than 20 years.  Sales of the traditional egg will easily exceed chocolate egg sales as farmers predict around a quarter of a billion eggs will be consumed during Easter week, up by around 50 million eggs on the previous year. 

And this Easter, consumers will be shelling out for free range as sales reach their highest ever level.  In fact, consumer spending on free range eggs this Easter will beat sales of caged eggs. 

Sales have been strong since the New Year as consumers turn to eggs as a low-cost protein source during the credit crunch. News that limits on eggs have been lifted by health experts have also helped boost their popularity.  Concerns linking eggs to fears about high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease have been proven to be unfounded.   

British Egg Industry Council Chairman, Andrew Parker, said:  “After decades with the ’cholesterol cloud’ hanging over us, we now have a clean bill of heath on all fronts and it’s great to see that consumers are once again recognising the value of eggs, both nutritionally and economically.”