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The effect of choline and resistance training on strength and lean mass in older adults

New research (here) has proven that choline - a nutrient found in eggs - boosts strength gains in older exercisers.

The research - The Effect of Choline and Resistance Training on Strength and Lean Mass in Older Adults - examined three groups of 50-to-69-year-old healthy adults, who underwent a 12-week Resistance Exercise Training (RET) programme. The participants’ diets were supplemented with either low, medium or high levels of choline from egg yolk and protein powder. 

The results showed that those who had low choline intake, compared to medium or high choline intakes, experienced significantly diminished gains in composite strength and thigh muscle quality. 

It also highlights major benefits of consuming foods with choline, like eggs. 

Dietitian and fitness expert, Dr Carrie Ruxton, commented: “Once people hit 50, it’s harder to build muscle and this only gets more difficult as we age, leading to muscle loss and in some cases a condition called sarcopenia. To combat this, we need a high protein diet and regular sessions of resistance training, which could involve free weights or even body weight exercises. As this new study shows, how much choline you eat can determine how well you respond to resistance training. Other studies show that choline boosts protein synthesis and slows breakdown, as well as regulating calcium in the body which is vital for muscle contractions”.

“Not many commonly eaten foods contain choline. Liver and eggs are two of the best sources, which makes eggs the most palatable option for many people. Experts recommend we eat 400mg of choline a day and two eggs provides just over half of this (288 mg). And with the limits removed for eggs in our diet, plus their clear health benefits, there’s ample reason for enjoying an omelette or boiled egg with soldiers”.