Egg-cellent new website for fitness fans

British Lion eggs have launched a new website, ‘’, targeting fitness fans with inspiring new healthy recipes and tips on what those with an active lifestyle should be eating. brings together expert nutritional advice from sports nutritionist Anita Bean, and 13 new healthy egg recipes for active people. The website aims to help fitness fans save money by suggesting alternatives to expensive specialist ‘recovery’ supplements such as protein shakes, carbohydrate-protein drinks and protein bars. Research shows that sports fans could be getting the same benefits for less cash from natural foods containing protein, like eggs.

Eggs are one of the highest quality protein foods that you can buy, which is good news, as protein is essential for rebuilding and repairing muscle mass that is broken down during exercise. Sports nutritionists advise that 10-20g protein is considered the optimal amount for aiding recovery after exercise, and this can be found in simple dishes like a two-egg omelette.

Anita Bean, BSc, R.Nutr, registered nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition, said: “The versatile nature of eggs makes it easy to incorporate them into the daily diet and since they represent one of the cheapest and highest quality protein foods that you can buy, it is great news for both health fanatics and the wallet.”