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Egg labelling rules

Defra has launched a consultation on a proposal to change egg labelling legislation, which would mean that free range eggs would no longer need to be labelled as barn if a housing order continued for more than 16 weeks during a bird flu outbreak.

Independent research has shown that consumers would support this proposal and the move has been welcomed by the British Egg Industry Council who have long lobbied for change. Chief Executive Gary Ford, says: “The BEIC has been calling for an amendment to the egg marketing legislation to ensure that our free-range egg farmers can remain competitive and continue to provide British consumers with free-range eggs. This has become increasingly important due to the unprecedented levels of Avian influenza in recent years. The changes are essential to ensure a long-term future for British free-range eggs, which we know consumers want, and we strongly support the consultation”.

You can read about the consultation process and submit comments here: